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Monday, July 10, 2006

There Is No Brain Under All That Hair

Ok. So here's the deal. North Korea will only resume six party talks if we unfreeze a bank account holding twenty-four million US dollars for them to access. That makes lots of sense. We practically hand them 24 mil and they talk to us about dismantling their nuclear program. But don't they realize we know what they'll spend that money on? We all know that they'll spend it on more nukes! They spent about $6 million dollars on the recent missile tests which means we could fund four more seven missile tests or attacks. Sure we'll do it. Let me just finish sticking this knife in my toaster.

What really gets me is with the money spent on the missile tests they could feed 200,000 of their own starving citizens for a year.

A country's first priotrity should be their own people's well being. And before the missile tests North Korea wasn't being threatened.


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