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Monday, July 03, 2006

My Alternate Reality Issue #1 (transported from old blog)

What if...
Moussaoui would have gotten the death penalty...

Moussaoui is jumping up and down as the jury returns the verdict and finds him elligible for the death sentence. "Here I come virgins!!!" he exclames as he is dragged off to death row.

Muslims praise him and call him a true martyr and everyday in death row he is seen counting down the days 'till he dies with a smile and laughter that makes everyone cringe. Jailers promptly use their tasers.

Moussaoui is led to the table and smiles as he is slowly put to death. Everyone wonders what went wrong, isn't death row a penalty? He explains at his death that because he is a martyr he will receive virgins and sensual pleasures in paradise. If only we can see his face after death. He meets virgins, but only because Satan and his demons ain't getting any... I don't think he will enjoy these feelings.

A little warm Moussaouri?


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