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Friday, May 04, 2007

New Bill Passed By House

Read more about it here, but here is my summary:

A new bill was passed by the House to add motives of sexuality, gender, and gender identity to the list of motives that can be qualified as a hate crime. This would join race, color, country of origin, and religion in the list of hate crime motives. Some conservatives are upset about this because this could be used to numb us to homosexuality and any religious beliefs that it is wrong.

Here is my take on it:

Great. I'm all for this. I think that if you commit a crime because of a hate for that person, it should be a hate crime. So if you hate someone and kill them, that should be a hate crime, and should be treated as such. I don't see what adding motives of sexuality and all that jazz to the list has to do with anything. Sure, I see how this can pave the way for more gay friendly bills and laws that can obtrude my personal beliefs and what God tells us about homosexuality, but this in itself is fine. Being against this bill is non-Christian, the people who are trying to stop it.

We are taught as Christians that we should love others, especially "the least of these." Supporting this bill may be contrary to Conservative beliefs, but Christians (who greatly make up the Republican party and subscribers to Conservatism) should follow their religions over a party's dislike for any bill helping gays.

So really, I see no reason why this bill shouldn't be passed. It is protecting people; which, believe it or not, gays are. So suck up this whole "follow the party's beliefs" crap and start supporting what's right: people. This should hit especially hard for those Christians out there who are taught to love everyone.

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