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Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Stand Corrected

I did find something to post about: This, right here. This is disgusting. In case you didn't read it and expected me to summarize, here you are:

Sarah Silverman apparently finds it funny to make fun of God. In her show's season finale she had a sketch where she had sex with God and during the "passion" He says "Who made you, monkey? Who created you?"

It doesn't even bother me (if I understand it correctly) that she portrayed God as black. I honestly don't care because God doesn't have a race. So fine what ever. But to do something like that, to say God had sex with someone is just ridiculous and uncalled for. I want to see Christian rise up (not violently) against this "lady" like Muslims do when people draw Muhammad. I see no excuse for such a portrayal of my Creator. I demand an apology.

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